I’m home in Portland again, but I have several more posts to make.  So please stay tuned.

My visit was fantastic, wonderful, delicious.  Many folks showed me their kindness.  I want to take a moment (before writing about Coorg) to express my appreciation.

Here’s to all of you!

Vini, Kriss, Jugjeet, Jyoti and family, Bashir, Stef, Ketan, Hemal, David, Carolyn, Saucy and family, Ammini, Babu, Joli, Ravi, Suresh, Rathna, Uma, Veena, Sekhar, Gautam, Sam, Laura, Ash and Pushpendra. 

You took some extra time to make my trip special.  It wouldn’t have been the same without your thoughtfulness and caring.

Thank you.