Bangalore offers a bounty  of snacky sundried treats.  I got a little frenzied at times browsing through the grocery stores looking for different sorts of fry-ums, as they’re sometimes called, to sample. 

Different regions specialize in different styles of dried treats.  One of the southern classics is just a plain pappadum (I guess the correct word would be appalam?) like an overstarched white bedsheet. 

Fry treats are made diversely from potatoes, rice, tapioca, jackfruit, lentils and grains.  Probably lots more, and with a variety of flavors, textures and additions, like cumin or onions.  I think they’re great fun.

These are aralu sandige:


I believe they’re a coastal Karnatak fry-up.  A friend says they’re made from popped rice, and I have to say they’re one of my favorite treats of this genre ever.  I’ll be looking for these online when I get home.

Another Konkani treat is the jackfruit pappad.  Here’s the raw version, filtering sunlight to see the innards:


And after frying:


This wasn’t initially very popular with the crowd, but I think with some care it could be well received.  A restaurant I’m especially fond of serves these with fresh coconut, though I didn’t get to sample them there.

Another see-through picture, this time of a ragi pappad:


Here’s a ragi pappad (left) on a plate with a horse-gram pappad:


Post frying, these guys didn’t last long either.  Ragi pappads are real tasty!