In spite of my rolling out puffed chapatis for Suresh and Rathna that would normally be deemed too thick, I’m fed lovely food on a regular basis.


This is a Sindhi flat bread known as a Koki.  Served with a papad, lotusroot pickle and yogurt, I thought this was very elegant. 


And here’s a pan-Indian meal, with food from Mysore, the Konkani coast and Punjab.  Respectively, a Mysore dal on the rice, a popped rice fry treat (think complicated papad) and saag paneer.   


A straightforward, and very tasty, mutton curry.


Little potatoes sauteed with 4 out of 5 spices usually known as panch phoron (uh, five spice) in (rural?) Bengali cooking.  (That is, radhuni, nigella, cumin and fennel, but no fenugreek.) 


A dish of minced lamb, keema.  Suresh makes his with cilantro stems.  He pointed out that this homemade version is juicy, not fatty, and lightly spiced.  Excellent. 


Here’s a light breakfast of Upma, savory cream of wheat.  The chutney was made by Rathna–coconut and lots of toasted dal, I think. 


And every now and then I veer a little from a strictly Indian diet.  This was fun, a roast chicken with garlic bread, salad, sauteed figs and gravy.  “Continental”, it’s called.