Miss Rathna works for Suresh, and she generously shows me what’s cooking.  She hails from Mysore and especially likes her Karnataka cooking.  Here’s a few photos of Curd Rice.

After cooking some soft, tender rice, Rathna prepared a simple tadka, a fresh hot spiced oil.  Or, ghee in this case.


Mustard seeds, red chilis and curry leaves are sizzled.


For the moment the tadka is put to the side.  Then, Rathna takes fresh yogurt (and some milk, don’t tell Suresh!).


It’s churned. 


Very simple.  Rice folded with the dairy and the tadka. 

Except that Suresh likes to add his own touch, fresh pomegranate seeds.


The final plated dish will be featured in a forthcoming post.  And there’s more of this coming.  Thanks Suresh and Rathna!