Saucy cooked me lunch.

“So, what would you like, Indian or Chinese?” he asked.

“Indian,” I replied.

“Chinese it is, then!” Saucy said.

Chinese food isn’t on my radar, but this was an excellent correction to that problem.  I enjoyed it so much I was soon eating seconds and then thirds.  Saucy improvised a wonderful dish of bell peppers and mushrooms that was my favorite.


Starting from that, in the top right corner, there’s rice, hot chilli sauce, chicken in black bean sauce with a touch of ginger, shrimp with hoisin and noodles. 

I piled everything onto my plate without much regard for presentation.  I was eager.

I’m sorry that this is the kind of food you won’t get to taste if you visit Mumbai unless, like me, you’re very lucky.

Saucy’s wife made us this dessert, a kheer touched with a bit of Iranian saffron.  It was lovely.


I hope someday I’ll get to eat here again…