I truly believed for at least a week that I would be able to share with you reasonably organized posts on the different foods I was eating.

Organization will not be the case, though. 

There’s too much variety, and too much to do and see and eat.  So this post may actually be the most comprehensive (though it’s NOT) look at one grouping of food.

The Konkani coast is the westernmost district in Maharashtra and has tremendous seafood.  Here in Mumbai there are several restaurants offering the cuisine.

Perhaps my favorite meal was at Sindhudurg Hotel in Dadar neighborhood. 


Above is clams masala with a thick but tender bread made from rice.  The sauce is full of grated coconut and spices and when my bread was gone I ate it with my spoon.  Below is crab in a sauce full of red chillis, flavorful but not too hot, truly delicious.  Next to it is a fish (surmai) fry, dredged in chilli powder and rawa (cream of wheat).  The lime pickle you see in back was great.


For dessert we had a couple gulab jamuns.  The menu offered kharwas, a sweet made from the first milk of a nursing cow.  I wanted to taste this (just once in my life, it deprives the calf of sustenance as a friend pointed out) but it wasn’t available.


My other favorite meals were at Mahesh Lunch Home in the Fort neighborhood.  I seem to like surmai quite a bit.  Here it is cooked as a gassi, though a Mangalorean expert will have to chime in to provide further definition.


The drink you can see in back is Sol Kadi, a salty beverage made sour with the dark pink kokum fruit.  I’ve seen it dried in Portland, but I don’t know anything about the fresh fruit. 

This is my server Rajiv showing me dinner.


We chatted for quite a while and I’m not lying when I say I had great service here.  I love your restaurant, Rajiv.

The crab is a major dish, turned into this.


That’s garlic!  With butter and red chilli, a little dab is an amazing complement to the *sweet* crab meat.  This is a must-have dish if you visit Mumbai!

At Apoorva Restaurant I got my first taste of Bombay Duck. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bombay_duck) Here it is fried to a crispy crisp.


I also had squid sukke at Apoorva.  I don’t know if it was so incredibly tough because it was cooked poorly or if that is the nature of the product/dish here.  (Anyone?)  I prefer tender squid for sure, though the flavor was good.


Goa also comprises a part of the Konkani coast (and remember the cuisines change everywhere you go).  I had this lipsmacking surmai curry at New Martin’s. 


At New Martin’s I also strayed a bit from my seafood binge and ate this Goan Sausage Fry.  Oh how I wish you could still get Goan Sausages in Portland, but that lasted only for a Summer before the authorities stopped the trade.


Though I’m not into puddings so much, this one was pretty good–made with dried apricots.  I didn’t eat the cherry.


The last seafood restaurant I tried was Ankur.  Here’s a snap of their condiment tray.


I ate fish tikka from the tandoor (boneless bites of pomfret fish) and prawns coondapur (a masala blend from coondapur area in Karnataka state.) 


This last photo isn’t the best but you should see it anyway.  It’s a neer tella, or rice pancake, very soft and moist, steamy and good.