Here’s a post for you hardcore food types.  The rest of you will probably have to sit and wonder about those of us who enjoy these things.

Pav (a bun) Bhaji (a saute?  is that a good translation?) is one of Mumbai’s famous snack foods, especially on Chowpatty Beach.

It’s made of butter and a few other spices.

Saucy told me to have it made fresh and the cook kindly obliged, which was good for my health and better for taking pictures. 

First, a healthy dollop of butter was added to the maha tawa (big round griddle).  This is the tawa base, a sikri.

I’m afraid I can’t report on everything that was added.  Though I will mention a couple ingredients this chef didn’t use which have been discussed a bit on various websites:  cauliflower and masala.  I’m not a connoisseur of pav bhaji, so that tidbit should merely be regarded as an interesting footnote.

In any case, green bell peppers were sauteed with chopped onion and a pinch of what looked like fenugreek leaf–some sort of dried green herb. 

Then, a dollop of garlic ginger paste, and fresh chopped tomatoes. 

Some peeled and boiled potatoes are added.  Salt, chilli powder and peas.

Out comes the masher, and water to cook it down.


After about 8-10 minutes total cooking time, it looks like this.

While the bhaji is plated, the buns get a really sensuous butter massage.  In case you can’t tell, I love these pictures.

And there it is, finished with a spoonful of good, fresh butter to make it taste good.