When visiting Srinagar, the question of security (because this is a disputed land between India and Pakistan) always arises.  Obviously, I had a fantastic time and felt very safe.  How can one quantify the risk?   

I guess my take on it is this:  it’s far too easy to imagine the worst.  In fact, when we hear about a bomb blast in Kashmir, this one image can dominate our perception unfairly.  I wouldn’t go so far as to say Kashmir is risk free.  But after visiting, I would suggest the risk is acceptably small and our imagination of the worst is unacceptably large. 



In a slightly different vein (because of America’s myopia) an interesting question was posed to me by Rafael.  After we talked for a short while, I learned his given name was Rafiq.  He asked, “How does it feel to be an American in a Muslim country?” 

My answer was bland and merely recognized the unflagging kindness I had experienced there. 

But such a sad question to be asked, and one I understand completely.