Most of my dining destinations here were culled from .  One of their suggestions was Ashok Fish Shop for Amritsar‘s famous, um, Amritsari Fish.   When I first found the joint I had a hard time communicating with the proprietor and staff–I don’t speak any Punjabi, and they spoke no English or Hindi.  But with the help of the next door Wine Shop clerk we were able to clarify that I wasn’t simply lost and had come to sample the fare I’d read about on uppercrust.  The royal treatment ensued!  


A special chair was pulled out for me and a couple fans were pointed in my direction.  The owner pulled out the plumpest cut of fish (already breaded and cooked once) and sliced into it without cutting all the way through–to aid in cooking somehow?  Then, it was deep fried in mustard oil for at least 3 or 4 minutes.


I thought surely it would be tough or dry.  No.  Amritsari Fish is perfectly crisp on the outside and delectable within.  You can see the rich layer of dark flesh next to the skin.


I was offered this with chutney and onions, but I thought it was excellent just the way it was–with a sprinkle of chaat masala and a squeeze of lime.  They refused to let me pay–this is how guests are treated in Amritsar!!