Saravana Bhavan is an excellent quality south Indian chain restaurant with several locations in and around central Delhi (and elsewhere).  This is the one on Jan Path closest to my guest house.  I was eating breakfast here daily until I realized my body can’t really handle more than two meals a day yet.   


Their thali : 


An appam:


I was hungry and tore in before remembering to snap a photo.  This seemed sort of like ‘regular’ dosa batter in a different shape;  I’m eager to find out if the appams in Kerala are the same.  The appam here is served with vegetables in an anise seed flavored sauce thickened with white poppy seeds, I think.

A coconut uttapam:


Fantastic!  South Indian pancake batter mixed with *tons* of chopped coconut.  Four different kinds of chutney come with the dish, from left to right a crunchy raw lentil puree with oil, coconut chutney, puffed chana (I think?) and a yummy tomato chutney.  Sambar too of course.   

The tea at Saravana Bhavan is excellent, made with rich milk it almost tastes like a tea breve. 

A lime soda, fresh squeezed lime juice in the glass, you add sugar syrup and soda to taste: