My friend Sam, who suggested this place,  couldn’t remember the name.  But don’t worry, he said, everybody will know.  And sure enough, everybody knew.


The food is takeaway.  And though I didn’t find anywhere around, really, to take the food away too I would still give Selim’s high marks.  (Thanks, Sam.)


Since I had reservations at Bukhara later in the evening, known for the heaviness of the food, I opted for the vegetarian Harayali Seekh Kebab.  Those are the green skewers you see at the back.  I hopped in a rickshaw and headed back to my guest house for lunch alfresco.


It’s wrapped in a Rumali (handkerchief) roti, a thin and very tender wrap, quite hard to make.  My guest enjoyed a few bites of the bread, too: