Rajdhani is a restaurant specializing in Gujurati thalis.   Suggested by Vini, the branch I visited is just a few minutes walk from my guest house.  The food is vegetarian, often with an element of sweetness to it, even in savory dishes.  Here’s my lunch:rajdhani.jpg

Photograph doesn’t show subsequent courses of veggie rice, rice/lentil porridge or the sweet halva, a soft, buttery, thick porridge made from Cream of Wheat. 

What you see included (more or less from bottom going clockwise):

puran poli–a bread stuffed with sweet filling, tasted to me almost like our pumpkin

pappadum–broken up

sweet chutney

green chutney

cuke/tomato salad

lime wedge

green bean and fat lentil (I think) curry

bottle gourd kofta (meatballs, this time vegetarian) curry

sauteed potatoes


kadhi–thickened yogurt curry, but this didn’t seem especially thick to me?!


In the center is (starting just above the puran poli and going clockwise):

a chapati

bajra rotla (millet bread)–topped with sugar and ghee

savory mashed potatoes fried gently in batter

thepla–a small crispish flatbread

and just above that:

dahi bhalla–a lentil fritter served in a sweet savory yogurt pool.  Too sweet for me!