I was really looking forward to my meal at Bukhara, the well known restaurant in the Maurya Sheraton specializing in NW frontier food.  After walking through the glamourous lobby, with bowls of waterborne fresh flowers, I found the front door and entered.  I didn’t doubt great things.


Here is what I liked about Bukhara:  the Sikandari Raan, hindleg of goat cooked until succulent and juicy, topped with a sprinkle of Kebab spice;


the khasta roti, a crisp and toasty flatbread;


and the free kheer I was given, because it must have been apparent how deeply unimpressed I was with the restaurant.  


Given the reputation and pricepoint (five stars, 4,700 rupees/$117 for one) the rest I have to say is only negative.  I won’t detail my numerous complaints because there are too many and it makes me feel snotty.  If your object of dining is to enjoy great food, there’s LOTS in Delhi, including here; but you might as well enjoy better service and atmosphere at numerous other restaurants……..

Here’s a shot of their famous Dal.  I thought it was only nice.  (Apologies for the lighting on the photos.)