Vini runs Vinstring Tours here in Delhi.  He’s an old friend of the Lewis and Clark overseas program, and has been taking care of my travel plans.  Look him up if you visit!  He’s a great guy and will make your life fun and easy.

He suggested lunch at Triveni Kala Sangam, an artists’ center with a gallery, dance instruction and probably more that I don’t know about.  But again, who cares about the formal arts when there’s good food on the table?


This is homestyle Punjabi food, no cream, light fat and tons of flavor.  It’s healthy tasting, and a far cry from most of the restaurant style Punjabi food we find on Portland menus, even if the dishes sound familiar.  (Kumar at India4U on Hawthorne serves a similar style.)


From bottom left, clockwise:  roti, parantha, mutter-keema (peas with minced goat, fantastic), dal and saag paneer.  The food is lightly spiced, and the flavors are perfectly balanced.   You wish you could eat this!