So finally, after two nights’ rest,  I’ve got some sea legs.  Not enough for every kind of stormy weather that might happen around my trip.  (For instance, in the humidity today I walked around a circular exchange and passed half a block before realizing I was heading back the way I’d come.  Doh.)   But enough to have developed a system to bring you some photos at long last. So, enjoy the King of Kachoris (aka, Raj Kachori):


I got this bad boy in Bengali Market, not at Nathu’s as I’ve read in a couple places, but across the street at Bengali Sweets House.  (Nathu’s doesn’t serve chaat, am I wrong??)  It’s the size of a baseball, and stuffed with goodies such as potatoes, whole mung dal and soft lentil fritters, in pools of chutney and yogurt.  It’s better than it looks, and I think it looks pretty swell. Also took home some Ras Malai from the sweets counter:


These are succulent sponges (who has a better word?) aswim in a luscious cream, with just a hint of saffron.  I ate these alone in my room without cutlery like an animal.

 Here’s what I did buy from Nathu’s Sweet House at the little circular market.


A vegetable cutlet, with a bit of spicy ketchup.  I didn’t want pastry, which is mostly what was on display.